All & Every provides support for individuals with Autism and other special needs in London, Ontario to increase their confidence, independence, and regulation.


Special Education Tutoring / Achievement Testing | Independent Living / Activities of Daily Living Skills / Adaptive Behaviour Supports / Self-regulation skills | Parent Coaching / Advocacy

* Fee structure based on requested services. Cost ranges from $60 – 75 / hour and in many cases, can utilize existing funding.

Special Education Tutoring / Achievement Testing

The traditional model of academics in Ontario follows a linear progression. Lessons are taught as building blocks; with each lesson supporting the understanding and application of subsequent lessons. However, there is a catch (especially for unique learners); one missed concept can ‘snowball’, leaving students feeling helpless in subsequent units and grades.

All & Every students benefit from strengthening initial building blocks to create a more stable foundation (e.g. developmental milestones, academic concepts, or procedural tasks). Therefore, from time to time, we revisit those core competencies to re-strengthen them. The wonderful thing about this approach is that we spend the time where it is needed, not hurrying to the next unit or chapter. This is where the magic can happen! The skills that seemed unattainable begin to be within reach. By incorporating every child’s unique interests, the content becomes more emotionally meaningful and, in turn, creates better learning. Interested in hearing more about our approach? Click here. All & Every offers academic tutoring for students with special needs from qualified special education professionals.

Additionally, Achievement Testing is also a great way to establish a baseline on where your child is “at” academically. This can help inform future programming a track progress. All & Every uses KTEA-3; a battery of tests that evaluate skills in writing, oral communication, math and reading. Back to top.

Independent Living / Activities of Daily Living Skills / Adaptive Behaviour Supports

The goal of this support is increased independence. That is why we offer in-home support to enhance independence through a variety of strategies to participate in activities of daily living while incorporating your loved one’s interests and respecting their individual differences. Back to top.

In addition to these skills, it can provide a much needed break for those caregivers who are there, without fail, every day. You need to recharge your batteries. This is just an added bonus of the support received from All & Every.

Self-regulation skills

C in the community.

Within all of the programming offered, self-regulation supports are provided which often can be overlooked for individuals with Autism and special needs; these complex sensory systems need to be listened to. For example, think about the last time you skipped a meal, or did not get as much sleep as you needed … a similar outcome occurs when we don’t listen to the sensory and emotional needs of those on the spectrum. In conjunction with a patient and caring environment, we develop skills that strengthen the building blocks of self-regulation. Back to top.

Parent Coaching / Advocacy

Sometimes it feels like you are the only one in your child’s corner, this is not the case with All & Every. We work with you to advocate for your loved one to help them reach their goals. This is often during parent teacher meetings, interpreting IEP’s, navigating funding, supporting your involvement during play time, and all of those other wild and wonderful times in between. Back to top.

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Autism Support in London, Ontario. Made Easy.

“I have known Chris for several years now. His ability to connect, build trust and make things fun and engaging are only a few of the reasons I chose him to work with both my children – they hated school and struggled they have experienced success and have a better relationship with learning. His background and experience makes him an asset especially for children with disabilities or unique learning challenges.” – Cheryl Fountain-Gore (Occupational Therapist and Mother)

“Chris has been a game changer for our son, both academically, and socially.  His confidence has soared with Chris’s support. Chris has worked with our son for several years, and supported him remotely for a year while we lived overseas.  Chris has worked closely with us and the school to ensure that home tutoring is well coordinated with formal schooling.  Our son looks forward to his sessions with Chris – a bonus to tutoring has been Chris’s companionship and friendship.” Lisa H. and Terry B.

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