Our Approach

EVERY child learns in their own way and because of this, traditional teaching methods are not always effective. Particularly when providing support for individuals on the autism spectrum or with special needs.

All & Every works outside of traditional methods of “typical” classrooms by using an educational approach that celebrates and respects your child’s strengths to help improve the areas that they are seeking support . We provide an environment that incorporates your child’s motivators and interests and in a one-to-one setting. Individualized learning promotes success. Period.

The traditional model of academics in Ontario follows a fairly linear progression. Lessons are taught as building blocks, each lesson supporting the understanding and application of subsequent lessons. Sounds like a reasonable approach, but there is a catch (especially for unique learners); one missed concept can ‘snowball’, leaving students feeling helpless in subsequent units and grades!

All & Every students benefit from strengthening those initial building blocks to create a more stable foundation. And from time to time, we revisit those core competencies to re-strengthen them! The wonderful thing about this approach is that we spend the time where it is needed, no hurrying to the next unit or chapter. This is where the magic can happen. The skills that seemed unattainable begin to be within grasp, and by incorporating every child’s unique interests, the content becomes more emotionally meaningful that, in turn, creates better learning.

Through working with your child, we will strive to ensure that the learning that takes place will not only help them succeed in their current academic grade but develop into life-long skills.

How does it work?

Our educational consultants work in conjunction with educators, tutors, specialists and guardians (where applicable) to ensure that all parties are working towards the same goals and with the same information. This increased the student’s confidence and the likelihood of overall success. This can take many forms, such as collaborative approaches to developing or modifying your child’s IEP, equipping parents with tools to advocate for their children, home-based strategies to maximize success, referrals for assessments based on your child’s sensory profile, course selection for high school or post-secondary education, and taking advantage of academic support systems in post-secondary educational environments.

Once a plan has been put forward, you and your educational consultant can begin working to develop a tentative plan to increase foundational building blocks of learning for future skill development, continued education and life long success.

As communication is paramount in this process, any correspondence that needs to be shared to other academic supports or natural supports will be documented and promptly delivered to the appropriate party. This collaborative approach will increase the likelihood of success and consistency in academic accommodations. As a parent, you too are essential in this process. We will help ensure that you are informed at ALL times and can advocate for your child to maximize their success.

We would love to hear from you.

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